Recreational Impact

Recreational Impact


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, passenger rail is both cost-effective and unique. Going to the Columbus Zoo? Hop on a train with your companions to enjoy a meal or play games while you are en route. Spending a weekend in Chicago? Begin and end your stay with a relaxing, safe and satisfying ride. Or, conduct business on your phone and laptop. Passenger rail does all the driving for you.


Less Congestion: Congested roads and airports can increase anyone’s stress level. By providing another means for travel, like passenger rail, stress levels are reduced and replaced with the leisure that traveling should provide.


Less Time Wasted: Most modes of transportation include waiting; waiting in the security line at the airport terminal; waiting in traffic on the highway; waiting for the weather to clear. All of these things eat away at our precious time. Passenger rail travel links urban areas together faster than a car, bus, or plane. Loading and unloading times are also much faster than you will find at any airport.


More Convenience: Train stations are typically centrally located within towns and cities and are increasingly becoming part of larger transit systems. These locations provide passengers with either an easy walk to many destinations or an easy connection to buses, shuttles and cabs. Lockers at major train stations make it easy to store an extra bag or two, allowing more freedom to explore.


More Travel Quality: Traveling by car limits our movement, increases our personal liability, and demands our mental attention. It’s no secret that multi-tasking while driving is quite dangerous. Airplanes and buses present similar problems, requiring passengers to remain in cramped seats and limiting the use of electronic devices. Passenger trains minimize a traveler’s discomfort by providing more spacious seating, freedom of movement, and opportunity to engage in a variety of productive activities or just simply relax. The extra time and freedom of rail travel allows passengers to catch up on work, read a book, play games, or simply enjoy the scenery as it rolls past.