NIPRA leaders have emphasized that it is important for Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana to be positioned and prepared to do whatever is necessary to make passenger rail service a reality. Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio are well ahead of Indiana in this process and NOW is the time to make Indiana – especially Northeast Indiana – a leader in passenger rail development. NIPRA is leading the way in this effort and emphasizes that citizens of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana should let their voice be heard by contacting your local, state and federal elected officials.

Rail is Real! Fort Wayne and Indiana are “in the plan” and modern passenger rail service can be restored to northeast Indiana with your support! NIPRA emphasizes that this will only become a reality if our state and federal elected officials fight for the citizens of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana in Indianapolis and Washington.

Rail = Jobs in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana! Many studies show that the return of passenger rail service will mean thousands of new jobs throughout Indiana – including many right here in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. According to INDOT, enhanced property values and new businesses near rail stations could result in millions of more dollars to benefit our regional economy. Passenger rail will also help create steel manufacturing and other related industries. Just remember, Rail = Jobs!

Rail is Green! Travel by passenger rail uses one tenth of the fuel of highway travel per/passenger mile. 21st Century train travel will help protect the environment and bring the US closer to energy independence.