Since 2009, Fort Wayne Mayor Thomas Henry has allocated city funding and dedicated staffing resources to help us achieve our mission.


In just the past few years, NIPRA staged a series of large public rallies to urge Indiana to apply for Federal passenger rail funds.


NIPRA has and continues to vigorously lobby Amtrak, state legislators, and Indiana for funding to return passenger rail travel from and to Fort Wayne.


Since 2011, NIPRA has actively developed strategic partnerships creating new momentum with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to set up a designated passenger rail service route from Chicago, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio. By late 2015 a Memorandum of Agreement to support the activities necessary to complete the required analyses and studies of the Tier 1 Environmental Impact Study (EIS), had been signed by the Mayors of all nine cities along the corridor, the Indiana Department of Transportation, all five of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations along the corridor, as well as numerous City and County Councilman along the route.


In 2013, NIPRA completed a business impact study for the proposed passenger rail route using the consulting firm of Transportation Economics and Management, Inc. (TEMS). This study indicates that a Chicago-Columbus rail route provides an economically beneficial passenger link between the Federally-approved Chicago Gateway and the Ohio “3-C” (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati) rail corridors approved by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). A multi-state public and private partnership is required for rail corridor construction and operation. The proposed passenger rail routes provide an encouraging cost to benefit operating ratio and meet the FRA-mandated “independent utility” requirements for being economically self-sufficient without requiring ongoing additional funds from the FRA or partner states.