In an interview by Chris Wetterich of the Cincinnati Business Courier, incoming Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber President Brian Carley speaks up for high-speed rail.

Asked by Wetterick, “Do we need better intercity train service from here to Chicago, or to Cleveland or Columbus?” Carley responded:

“City to city, that would be very viable.  People don’t like a last-minute plane ticket to Chicago that’s basically $1,000.  But if they could get to Chicago in four hours on a high-speed train for $100, now you’re talking.  It has to be the right type of rail.  Slow rail, lots of stops–it could save money, but it’s not a time-saver.  I spent eight years in Cleveland.  I would have loved high-speed rail between Cincinnati and Cleveland.  When you look at Europe and Asia, it can be done.”

Chamber President Carley Supports High Speed Rail 5.23.14