On Tuesday, November 19, Fort Wayne City Council will determine the future of modern passenger rail to Fort Wayne.  $200,000 in Legacy Funding has been requested to advance the rail project to the next stage of pre-development of the passenger rail corridor between Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL through Fort Wayne.


FIRST, LET COUNCIL MEMBERS KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!  Time is critical.  Short, personal messages are best.  How would fast trains to Chicago, Columbus, and other cities along the corridor change your life?  E-mails to City Council Members should be sent c/o Ms Molly McCray, Legislative Affairs Administrator at molly.mccray@cityoffortwayne.org .  In your message, be sure to cc: “All Council Members” to assure distribution. 

City Council in 2013 is led by Thomas F. Didier, President.  You may write to him or to any of the Council Members but make sure to cc all City Council Members.  The 2013 City Council consists of Mr. Marty Bender  martin.bender@cityoffortwayne.org (At-Large) ; Dr. John Crawford jncrawford@gmail.com  (At-Large); John H. Shoaff  jshoaff@proparkwest.com  (At-large); Tom Smith tsmithdistrict1@gmail.com  (1st District); Russ Jehl russ@russjehl.com (2nd District); Thomas F. Didier tdidiers5@frontier.com (3rd District); Mitch Harper MitchHarperCouncil@gmail.com (4th District); Geoff Paddock geoffreypaddock@aol.com  (5th District); and Glynn A. Hines glynnhines@aol.com  (6th District).

Telephone for the Legislative Affairs Office is 260 427 1445.

SECOND, CIRCULATE AND POST THIS FLYER!  It contains all the information that people will need in order to make their voices effective on this issue.  131113 Passenger Rail Nov 19 Flyer

THIRD, SHOW UP ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19 at 530 pm AT CITIZENS SQUARE, 200 EAST BERRY STREET (Lower Level).  Your direct, on-site support is essential!

We will follow up with you each day until #RailFortWayne  becomes a reality!