Welcome to all of our new friends!

On Saturday March 30, NIPRA posted the following appeal:  “Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association, Inc. is in the process of making new friends and we need your help.  Prior to announcement of next steps in the high-speed rail development process, we’d like to reach the target of 1,000 “Likes” by May 15.  We’re at 769 right now.  Will you forward our page to your friends and ask for their ‘Like’?”

By mid-day Sunday, it was clear that this modest request was going viral!  By Monday, the goal of 1,000 “Likes” had been exceeded and by Wednesday April 3, the original 769 “Likes” had grown to nearly 1,500.  Stats from NIPRA’s Facebook page show that this post had been viewed by over 20,000 people in the US, with a couple hundred more in the UK, India, Canada, and Taiwan.

This puts NIPRA friends and supporters into the conversation with other transportation advocacy organizations that we follow:  for example, Midwest High Speed Rail Association (2,556 “Likes”); National Association of Rail Passengers (2,916); and the US High Speed Rail Association (1,536).

We’re really excited about this response and we think it indicates significant pent-up demand for passenger rail service in our region!  The sky’s the limit, so we’ll continue to friend-raise–with your help!

Our goal is to keep you posted on progress in our rail corridor.  And, we want to know how a rail connection to other cities would change your life!  Let us know. So, continue to “Share” on Facebook; go to our Twitter page @NIPRArail and check the website periodically for new information and reports.

OK, we’ve got a train to catch–see you at the next station!