The Legacy Fort Wayne Task Force recommendations, along with amplifying concepts, are as follows:

1. Core Economic Investments to secure a solid economic foundation for Fort Wayne’s
future, while aligning with and advancing the Fort Wayne economic strategy:

a. Business Attraction/Retention and Job Creation, including research and development Centers of Excellence and workforce development/talent creation; and

b. Strategic Infrastructure investments that could encompass passenger rail, pedestrian and bike infrastructure and gateway enhancements.

2. Downtown and Riverfront Development to develop and improve two of Fort Wayne’s
prime assets:

a. Catalytic Downtown Development Incentives addresses the need for both public and private dollars working together to create and encourage continued development in the city center through possibilities such as: live/work space development, a post-secondary education presence downtown, development incentives, downtown transit, and downtown commercial development;

b. Riverfront Development in the downtown blends and leverages two of the city’s premier attributes, fostering new synergies for livability and economic growth; and

c. Arts and Culture accents the correlation between a thriving arts and cultural environment and economic vitality. Suggested ideas to promote the presence of these two elements downtown are: youth arts programming, innovative art and technology, and public art.

3. Youth/Prep Sports Initiative builds on our existing strengths to make Fort Wayne a
first-choice destination for youth/prep sports:

a. World-class Youth/Prep Sports puts the spotlight on this underexploited tourism, hospitality and economic resource;

b. Youth/Prep Sports Facility Development keys off of the overarching theme by assessing the key physical components necessary to realizing this option; and

c. Community Access speaks to the core tenet of openness supporting this point.

4. Investment of Trust Fund and Light Lease Settlement dollars specifies the continuation and modification of the Fort Wayne Community Trust, or the creation of a similar entity, to ensure the protection and strategic investment of Legacy Fort Wayne funds.

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