Thank you to all of you who contacted your Senators yesterday, especially at such short notice. I am happy to inform you that the full Senate Appropriations Committee adopted the Durbin-Lautenberg-Feinstein-Landrieu HSR amendment to the fiscal 2012 transportation spending bill by voice vote.

The amendment funds the High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail grant program at $100 million by rescinding old earmarks that the DOT was not going to spend. Many states and rail corridors can use this money to advance projects that are in the planning process or underway. The amendment will protect a program that is putting people to work and making needed upgrades to our rail system.

This would not have happened without your support. Thank you for your efforts to advance high-speed rail in America.

As for next steps, the Senate and the House will now enter budget negotiations for the full year appropriations bill. They must ensure that this HSIPR money is included in that bill.